BOB Motion Stroller and BOB B-Safe Infant Car Seat by BRITAX Review

A Review of the BOB Motion Stroller and BOB B-Safe Infant Car Seat by BRITAX

BOB Motion Stroller Review

     A little while ago, REI had a deal for a free B-Safe Infant Car Seat by BRITAX with ] purchase of a BOB Motion Stroller.  Although I am not sure when/if they will have this deal again, I figured I would give it a review and let you know when someone has a similar sale.

    First a bit of information from the manufacturer’s website about the BOB Motion Stroller.

  • One-Hand, Quick-Fold
  • Lightweight & compact aluminum frame
  • Four pneumatic tires mounted on high impact polymer composite wheels with tubes provide a smooth, comfortable ride
  • With the included CLICK & GO adapters, the Motion instantly becomes a complete travel system with matching BOB B-SAFE Infant Car Seats or any BRITAX Infant Car Seat using CLICK & GO (infant car seats sold separately). Also compatible with other major infant car seat brands when used with BRITAX Infant Car Seat Adapter Frame (sold separately).
  • Rugged suspension system allows it to handle any terrain
  • Padded, adjustable handlebar
  • Adjustable 5-point harness
  • Large multi-position canopy with ventilation window adjusts for protection against the elements
  • Swiveling front wheels allow for superior maneuverability, and can lock forward for added stability on tougher trails
  • Infinite seat recline positions
  • Automatic frame locks when folded
  • Linked parking brake locks both rear wheels
  • Large Low Boy cargo basket provides plenty of space for undercarriage storage

   We were super excited to try the BOB Motion Stroller and BOB B-Safe Infant Car Seat once we received the set (we had to pick up at REI at two separate times because the car seat was on back order, which was not a big problem because our son was not due for a couple of months).  REI offers free in store pick up, so we were able to save a bunch on shipping.

   One of the first things I noticed was how easy the BOB Motion Stroller was to assemble. I took it out of the box, unfolded it, then just popped the wheels on and removed some plastic and it was ready to go.

     The BOB Motion Stroller is light-weight, coming in at 23 pounds, and opens easily. Opening the stroller is as simple as pushing a lever on one side while holding the handle. Closing it is also very simple.  All you will need to do is push a gray button on the side and pull a strap in the center of the seat and it folds closed.

   I test drove it a few times before the baby came and was amazed at how smoothly it glided across our floors in the house. It did just as well on the asphalt surface of our driveway and the transition to our sidewalk.  I did not go to far with it – I did not want to look like the crazy guy that walks around with an empty stroller – but I was definitely happy with the performance.

  BOB B-safe carseat reviewWhile we have not had the chance to use the BOB Motion Stroller without the BOB B-Safe Infant Car Seat by BRITAX attached (our baby is only 6 weeks old at the time of this post), we love how smooth the ride is and the car seat easily attaches to the stroller for use with smaller children.  Unfortunately, it is not so easy to remove.

   Once you are done walking and are ready to detach the BOB B-Safe Infant Car Seat from the stroller, you have to pull two separate areas on the sides of the arm to get them to separate.  This makes it tough to lift out and carry if your baby is still inside the seat. We keep our stroller in the car and the car seat in the house. When we are done walking, it makes it a little tough to keep your baby in the car seat while separating them and switching to a position easy to carry into the house.  The car seat is not particularly heavy, but it still does require quite a bit of arm strength to detach and lift from the stroller.

  The BOB Motion Stroller has an adjustable handle, which comes in handy.  For shorter people you can adjust it down and taller people put it up, or you can adjust it anywhere in between by pressing buttons on both sides of the handle and tilting it to the position you are comfortable with.

   We took our son out for a walk a few times and I noticed right away how easy it was for me to push. We had another stroller when we had our first child (she is now 6 years old) and it was always a pain for me to push the stroller.  My feet would kick the bar connecting the back wheels simply walking on a flat sidewalk and was much worse walking up or down a hill.

BOB Motion Stroller Review

   This stroller has no bar or anything low hanging in the back that is easily kicked with a long stride.  In addition, the stroller seems to easily go over bumps and dips in the sidewalks.  However, if there are large bumps, such as where there are trees breaking up the sidewalk, sometimes the stroller will stop abruptly.

   While not a deal breaker the bottom basket is quite small. The manufacturer considers it a “large low boy cargo basket”, however, it is not very large at all.  In order to fit our diaper bag (a small to medium sized bag) in the basket, we have to shove and stuff, then there is no room for anything else. If you do not mind carrying the diaper bag, there is plenty of room for toys or whatever else you would like to put down there.

 The linked brakes work great and are very easy to apply.  Simply step on the brake lever on the right rear tire and it applies the brakes to both back tires.  When you are ready to go again, just flip the lever back up with your foot and go.  Neither requires much pressure, which is great because you can be sure that even if you apply the brake lightly, your baby isn’t going anywhere, while at the same time, you won’t struggle to unlock and get moving again!

     With the BOB B-Safe Infant Car Seat by BRITAX attached to the BOB Motion Stroller facing towards you, the sun can easily be blocked out by putting up both of the canopies.   There is also a ventilation window that you can use to peek in to make sure your little one is still being adorable!  This is what it looks like with both the car seat and the stroller together. You are able to attach the car seat the opposite way to the stroller as well.

BOB B-Safe car seat base review

   The BOB B-Safe car seat base is extremely easy to install into most vehicles with the LATCH system.  It literately took me under 3 minutes to have it all connected so that it did not move at most 1 inch side to side, or forward to back .

   Getting the car seat in and out of the base is easy as long as you have both hands.  The difference this time is that one hand will be on the handle of the car seat and the other will be pulling a lever on the back of the seat.  Then you simply lift and you are ready to go.  No juggling act required.

   Extra BOB B-Safe car seat bases are available from REI and other retailers online for around $79.00, which is nice if you have 2 cars, but only want one car seat.

  Overall, this is a great stroller and car seat combination.  It is tough to swallow the combined price tag of  around $550.  When we bought them, we got them both for $349 and I think that was a fair price for the two, so I will keep my eyes open for any deals on this again and post it if I do find anything.

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  1. frugalmom says:

    that’s a ton of money for a stroller and carseat! ouch!

  2. Thanks for the thorough review. I think my favorite feature is the adjustable handlebars. I am very short and I often find my son’s stroller to be a bit awkward. My husband finds it awkward because he’s so tall… and he has the same issue of kicking the lower bar that you mentioned. I wish more companies considered all the different people that may drive a single stroller.
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  4. Karyn Allen says:

    Thanks for the post. I love the BOB Motion Stroller.
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