How We Had a Video Go Viral.. Well Sort of.

How We Had a Video Go Viral… Well Sort of. The Back Story: Liz and I are pretty big Rob Zombie fans, so when we found out he was coming to Pittsburgh with Korn and In This Moment, we had to go. Before we could buy tickets, Ticketmaster announced that they … Read More

Let The Ice Hockey Season Begin

Well, it is that time again! The 2016-2017 youth ice hockey season has begun. If you read our last post about our daughter’s hockey season last year, you will already know we had quite the adventure throughout the season! This year I am sure there will be even more adventures. She is … Read More

Our Daughter’s Experience In Youth Ice Hockey Last Season.

Our Daughter’s Experience In Youth Ice Hockey Last Season. . So for those of you that are new to our blog, we are a hockey family. Our daughter has been playing ice hockey since she was 4 years old she is now almost 10 (you can read more here). We … Read More

It’s Youth Hockey Season Time

It is that time of year, youth hockey season!! So, it is officially that time of year again for our family – youth hockey season!  It is an exciting time. Our daughter started learning to play over 2 years ago when she was just 4 years old.  She first started … Read More