Poetry in Motion Mondays: Feeling of Darkness

Feeling of Darkness                       05/05/2004

Laying around all alone.
Not talking to anyone when they call the phone.
This has been my choice.
Here there is not a soothing voice.
What is this emptiness I have found.
Covering all around till there’s no more ground.
The persistence of the darkness taking over.
Could the cause of it all be the lose of a lover?
A girl who cares is what I want not a wife.
Felling conformable with my current situations in life.
Even my own decisions have got me pondering.
Walking with my eyes closed aimlessly wondering.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
To bad The darkness acts like a funnel.
Making sure to keep the end in sight.
All the while the reverse flow I fight.

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