Mom and Baby Yoga 4 – A New Hope

Mom and Baby Yoga 4 – A New Hope

This week was my 4th Mom and Baby Yoga class and, boy, was it a good one! Now that we are finally in the groove of things, baby and I are rockin’ this mom and baby yoga thing! We’ve got a pretty good routine and we know what we are doing – yay!

Mom and baby yoga - week four

Mom and baby yoga - week four

I must admit, though, I was a little bit worried when the little guy woke me up at 5am.  I groggily rolled out of bed and nursed him until he fell back asleep and put him in the crib from the Baby Appleseed site.  I thought for sure that he would stay asleep until I woke him up just before we left, but he had other plans and woke again around 7:00!  “Sheesh,” I thought, “We are going to be very tired at mom and baby yoga today!”  Obviously, I was tired, but the little man was slee-ee-eepy! I managed to get us moving and we headed off to class and later on we went to this beautiful shop, check out this page and you will find amazing things for your babies.

We got there about 5 minutes early, but we were the only ones there!! Our instructor came over and we chatted for a bit, but still no other moms or babies!  So, I set my yoga mat out and prepared for a private session, just the baby and I.

But, wait…  where is the baby?

Mom and baby yoga - week four


Of course, he is fast asleep…
Mom and baby yoga - week four
This is him saying, “No, mom!  No pictures!  No mom and baby yoga!  I’m trying to sleep!”

Just as the instructor was about to start class, one of my classmates finally walked through the door – and her baby was asleep too!  So we waited until she got settled in. We were just about to start doing some mom yoga moves without the babies, when my little guy woke up.  His crying woke up the other little baby, so it was back to mom and baby yoga time!

Mom and baby yoga - week four
We started out class with our legs crossed and leaning in and out with our tummies pulled in tight. This was to workout our core and get us warmed up. Then we did cat-cows with our babies laying beneath.  We modified them to roll down and kiss our babies – my little guy loves this!

We did Boat pose with baby, but the babies were starting to get fussy, so we quickly moved into our favorites – Womb Wings and Woosh (apparently the name for this is Divine Drops, but I prefer Woosh)!  I describe these moves in Mom and Baby Yoga 3.

Next, it was time for moves for the babies.  We started with Epona (I can’t find the proper spelling for this, so I am guessing).  This move is great for easing your baby’s tummy problems.  Our teacher is always telling us how her students would say their babies would poop all day after class.  Basically, you rotate your hands so that your thumbs are on the bottom of his thighs and roll the legs up to his belly.  My baby likes this one and he likes the move where we bring his feet to his nose.

After that, we placed the babies on their tummies and brought their legs in to their butt.  Most of the time he doesn’t like tummy time, but today he didn’t seem to mind! Then we did Pada Hasta (means hand and foot in Sanskrit).  It is very similar to Tiny Tugs, (which we did next) as you bring opposite hands and feet together and then stretch them all the way out. With Tiny Tugs, you gently pull on the opposite hands and feet and say “tiny tugs”.

Mom and baby yoga - week four

Our next move was the last straw for the other baby in the class.  This move is called Dolphin.  It is a tummy time move and, as you probably know, most babies aren’t very tolerant of tummy time!  Luckily my little guy seemed to actually enjoy it.  The moms sat with our legs forming a triangle and our babies on our thighs with their heads at our knees.  Then we lightly tapped rhythmically on their sternum.  This repetitive motion is supposed to calm the baby.  It seemed to work with mine, but my classmate’s baby was having none of it!

So, while her baby cried his little head off, we started doing our songs.  We did Lumpa Seasons and Hop Along Yogi.  Then we did Twinkle Twinkle.  This is a cute little song.  It starts with, “Twinkle, Twinkle, You’re so bright.  Yoga helps me sleep at night.”  It’s a good way to wind the class down.  My little one was having a great time!

Class ended after that and we got everything ready to go.  I was feeling in a good mood because he was such a sweetie, so we decided to go to the hospital gift shop to see if we could get a back-up of his favorite stuffed animal. We found one pretty quickly, then wanted to get something for his big sister (she was the one that originally picked out his favorite animal).  We looked at a few things and then I saw a pink version of his blue monkey!  I was having a tough time choosing what to get her, but when I showed him that, he lit up.  I tried to put it down because she has a whole lot of stuffed animals, but he started getting upset.  So, I eneded up getting it!  She LOVED it!

Mom and baby yoga - week four

All in all this was a great day of mom and baby yoga!  I’m very glad that he was so cooperative again!

We don’t have class next week because it is Labor Day Weekend.  This is good because I think that he needs some recovery time – he was Mr. Sleepy Baby the rest of the day.

Sleepy after mom and baby yoga

Check back next week! Even though we don’t have class, I’ll try to post something special! 🙂

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  1. He is so precious! If and when we are blessed with a baby, I am planning on doing yoga together! What a great relaxing exercise and a way to bond even more!

  2. Alix says:

    I’ve never done mom and baby yoga. It sounds fun though!
    Alix recently posted…Easy No Bake Peanut Butter PieMy Profile

  3. This is so sweet! I love yoga but have taken a hiatus since finding out I was pregnant. I hope to be able to do something like this once the baby comes!
    Amanda Rodriguez recently posted…*Review and Giveaway* Get a #FABSmile with FlossAndBrush.comMy Profile

  4. Pam says:

    This sounds like a nice bonding time with the little guy and something healthy too.

    Love the stuffed monkeys. So cute.
    Pam recently posted…“Sweet Lorraine” ~ Husband Writes Loving Song for Wife of 73 YearsMy Profile

  5. BAby is so very sweet! I want one. No really, I don’t. I’ve had four, but I want to cuddle one! Yoga looks like you guys had fun
    Allyson Bossie recently posted…Have a Happier Dog When You Feed Him Treats Made from Pork Skin, Not Fillers or Dyes!My Profile

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