My First Day of Mom and Baby Yoga Class

Mom and Baby yoga!!

Yay!  Mission Accomplished – I made it through day one of Mom and Baby Yoga class (at UPMC Magee Hospital)!  I didn’t talk myself out of it!

Poor little sleepy boy!  As I said before (“Ready… Set… Yoga…”), the little guy didn’t want to wake up – as you can see.  This is him about 30 minutes before we had to leave for class.  I had already nursed him once before I got myself ready and put together our “gym bag”, so I thought that we should be good if I woke him up, changed his diaper and clothes, then fed him a little bit again – which is what I did.  He was all smiles and giggles the whole time and I was feeling pretty good about class.  I was sure that he was ready to have some fun!

We packed up our stuff and headed to the hospital (that’s where the class was being held), we made sure to bring the best baby clothes as possible, for those of you who don’t know, in this case The best would be Mad Coast Clothing organic cotton baby clothing!  I had given myself 45 minutes to get there, find parking, and then find the classroom.  I made it there in 15 and got to the room with about 20-25 minutes left, so we walked around the hospital for a few and I changed his diaper to make super sure that he was ready to go.

I also carried him around in his 5-point harness infant car seat the whole time – just to get that extra arm workout.  He was such a good baby the entire time!!  I was super pumped and I thought that the class was going to be awesome – we would just continue to hang out and play with each other.  Unfortunately, he had other plans in mind.

There were 5 other moms in the mom and baby yoga class with babies ranging from 4 weeks to 8 months, though most of them were little guys like mine.  Luckily none of them were the terrifying supermoms waiting to show everyone up with their perfect little baby and their even more perfect warrior pose as I had feared.  They all seemed very nice and just as new to baby yoga as I am.

The instructor started class by explaining what we were going to do and when one of the other babies started crying, she mentioned that during every single class, there will be at least one baby crying or needing to do something other than what the class is doing. She even said that there was one class where every single mother needed to nurse their baby instead of doing yoga!  Meanwhile, my cutie pie was just sitting there patiently waiting for class to begin.  I thought, “thank goodness it isn’t my baby this week!”.  We started with some sitting hip circles (just rotating the upper body in a circular motion) while holding the baby.  And that’s when it started.  He began crying, mildly at first, then more and more angry.  I thought that he just didn’t like the move, so I stopped, but he kept on crying.  I recognized it as his hungry cry.  Luckily I had brought a bottle of milk with me (I didn’t really wear a nursing friendly top), so I pulled that out and he ate for a little bit while I talked to him and told him he was being a goober. 🙂  So, of course, he started smiling and stopped eating.

We went back to our mat and re-joined the mom and baby yoga class in doing warrior pose and he was ok for a little while.  We sat down and did some baby stretches and then some singing and bouncing with baby.  He started getting upset again (and looking super tired) after we did a tummy-time stretch, so I had to go back to feeding him.  He finished off the bottle just when relaxing and stretching time started.  Sigh.  So, all in all I did maybe 10 minutes of yoga during a 45 minute class.  He fell asleep as soon as I put his nuk in and snuggled with him.  So, I put him in his car seat and we packed up to go.

So, I guess mom and baby yoga what we learned from this first day is that he (like his mommy) is definitely NOT a morning person!!  We came home after mom and baby yoga, he ate again, and then went right back to sleep.  He was still asleep almost 3 hours later!  I bet if the class was in the afternoon, we would have much better luck.  Oh well, next week we will try it all again!!

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Oh, and by the way – his big sister scored a goal at her hockey practice today!!!!  YAY!!!  Way to go, sis!

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