Poetry in Motion Mondays: Confusionville

Confusionville                           (sometime in 2003)

A one way ticket to Confusionville.
Left behind and here I am thinking still.
Lost, without a clue of what to do.
This place I’ve seen before it’s nothing new.
There’s no easy way out of here.
I’ve gotta begin digging now to get there.
There’s no way of knowing how long it will take
I wish all of the things here were fake.
These chains that restrain me.
I have gotta brake free.
This dirt that weighs me down.
I refuse to let myself drown.
The thoughts of paralyzing fear.
Something I wont stop with a beer.
All just obstacles standing in my way.
Debating what to do so here I stay.
Right here in the Confusion Inn.
That’s where I have been.

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