Poetry in Motion Mondays: When I look at you

When I look at you

When I look at you I am amazed
Your strength and your compassion
Are more than I imagine

When I look at you I see the sun
Lighting up the world like you light up a room
Brilliance unrivaled – a flower in full bloom

When I look at you I gaze at stars
Unfazed by things some would consider too far out of your reach
You dive in and conquer, your persistence, you just cannot teach

When I look at you I feel love
Pure, undying, painfully divine – the kind of love that will last forever
Deep down in my soul I know it will not end, fail or falter, come whatever

When I look at you the angels sing
Your creativity is transcendent and you put so much heart into everything you do
It’s a wonderful thing the way you look at the world; there is so much beauty inside of you

When I look at you I am in such awe…
through and through
I can only hope that you forever will be too

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About Elizabeth Kennedy

I’m mom and the other half of dads-deals. I am also the proud mother to 2 beautiful little snuggle bugs: a 6 year old and a newborn. I like to challenge myself and will often do something on a whim. I hope to share these experiences with you. Another thing that I hope to share with you all are the challenges and rewards of balancing working a full-time job and making time to be with and enjoy my amazing little family.

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