Poetry in Motion Mondays: Mindless Wonderment.

Mindless Wonderment              (sometime in 2003)

How does it feel to lose something dear to you?
Finding out everything is really not what you knew.
Put on a show, you lose your mind slow.
Feel the pain begin to flow.
Mindless wonderment.
Feels as if you are stuck in cement.
Stuck still to watch it happen in front of your eyes.
Can’t stop the mindless lip flappin’ filled with lies.
It doesn’t matter, no one hears you.
Can’t hurt those that care for you.
Slip on your shoes and go for a long walk.
Mindless wonderment without any talk.
Along the riverside that’s where they flock.
Right where you found me along the clipper dock.
Mindless wonderment or mindless entrapment?
Maybe it is as quiet as a mime, still too much chatter.

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