Poetry in Motion Mondays: Pain

Pain                 (11/05/2004)


How do I send away the pain?
Must it all end in vain?
Don’t know if I should run and hide.
Should I have lived or died.
All of this pain in my life is my fault.
Just wishing it would come to a screeching halt.
Laying down to watch my life fade away.
Sleeping with a frown, wanting to die each day.
Getting closer and closer to welcoming death with open arms.
All of these thoughts with all of this pain, it’s me this all harms.
Trying to find a way to make this all go away.
Don’t know if I should leave this life behind,
or stay and see what I may find.
Passing the pain to all I’ve come in contact.
Not knowing what to expect when they react.
The empty gap that’s filled with heartache.
What shall be the next step I should take?
Am I supposed to live or die?
If I jump will I fall or fly?
It’s time to say goodbye.

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