Poetry in Motion Mondays: I Like You Too

I Like You Too
We sat together side by side
Words unspoken without a sound
You lay your head on my shoulder
As I shut my eyes and I sigh
We could have stayed there for hours
If not for the passage of time

But, life began to get nervous
And it filled me with such unease
“It won’t stay this way forever.”
The words danced around in my mind

I bent my head to meet your eyes
And to kiss your sweet little cheeks
Those oceans of blue looked at me
You said, “Mommy, you’re beautiful
I like you.” My heart burst with love
I pepper your cheeks with kisses
We dissolve into a tangle
Of giggles, arms, legs, and tickles
Our laughter seemingly endless

These moments with you are perfect
You fill my heart with so much love
Though time will pass, and you will grow
I always hope that you will know
I will forever like you too.

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About Elizabeth Kennedy

I’m mom and the other half of dads-deals. I am also the proud mother to 2 beautiful little snuggle bugs: a 6 year old and a newborn. I like to challenge myself and will often do something on a whim. I hope to share these experiences with you. Another thing that I hope to share with you all are the challenges and rewards of balancing working a full-time job and making time to be with and enjoy my amazing little family.

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