Dad’s Poetry

Poetry by Dad

This is a collection of poetry that I have written over the last 17 years. Most of these were written in my late teens and early twenties. Looking back at them now, I don’t believe they are that great, but I figured I would still share them with my blog followers or anyone else that comes across them and enjoys them.

Don’t forget to check out Mom’s Poetry as well, her poetry is much better than mine.

Poetry in Motion Mondays: Two Steps Forward and Three Steps Back

Two Steps Forward and Three Steps Back                  04/18/2003 It always seems that when you are trying to get ahead, You always have all of these lies you are being feed. Trying to follow one strait line to see where you get lead. … Read More

Poetry in Motion Mondays: Mindless Wonderment.

Mindless Wonderment              (sometime in 2003) How does it feel to lose something dear to you? Finding out everything is really not what you knew. Put on a show, you lose your mind slow. Feel the pain begin to flow. Mindless wonderment. Feels as if … Read More

Poetry in Motion Mondays: Feeling of Darkness

Feeling of Darkness                       05/05/2004 Laying around all alone. Not talking to anyone when they call the phone. This has been my choice. Here there is not a soothing voice. What is this emptiness I have found. Covering all around … Read More