Mom’s Poetry

Poetry by Mom

This is my collection of poetry that I’ve written.  I’ve always been interested in writing and poetry and at one point, thought I would be I writer when I got older!  To me, poetry such an intense form of expression and a great way to put into words a feeling, a thought, or just an idea.  My favorite poems are those that are raw and emotional, and I typically prefer contemporary poetry. I love to write about my family, struggles, and daily life in my day job at the hospital,I work with many patients with different conditions, in this next website you can find help if need a caregiver. This stories are with passion and it is overwhelming to share.

My favorite poems are: Morning Song by Sylvia Plath, Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost, The Hollow Men by T S Eliot, and The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner by Randall Jarrell.

Hopefully you enjoy my poems and maybe even are inspired to create some of your own poems!

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Poetry in Motion Mondays: I Like You Too

I Like You Too We sat together side by side Words unspoken without a sound You lay your head on my shoulder As I shut my eyes and I sigh We could have stayed there for hours If not for the passage of time But, life began to get nervous … Read More

Poetry in Motion Mondays: Pretend to Believe

Pretend to Believe It seems as though just yesterday I looked into your eyes And said yes How can such a simple thing Be so significant How can it change the course? And now I’m lost How did we get here? Two worlds collided Then forced apart like magnets Simply … Read More

Poetry in Motion Mondays: When I look at you

When I look at you When I look at you I am amazed Your strength and your compassion Are more than I imagine When I look at you I see the sun Lighting up the world like you light up a room Brilliance unrivaled – a flower in full bloom … Read More

Poetry in Motion Mondays: Not Just For Me

Not Just For Me I’ve felt this coming deep in my bones Like the incessant hum of a cricket’s chirp The buzz I feel, I see, I know It’s been there waiting – poised Ready to spring forth at a moment’s notice I’ve been living a lie and a lie … Read More