Round 2 – Mom and Baby Yoga: The Sleepy Yogi

Round 2 – Mom and Baby Yoga: The Sleepy Yogi

This week of Mom and Baby Yoga actually turned out to be a pretty good time, despite our rocky start. I think that my little yoga master was waaay too excited about going to class!  Typically, we manage to get him into bed for the night around 1:00 or 1:30 (we watch Jimmy Fallon on late night, then head on up to bed), and he wakes up anywhere between 7:00-9:00 in the morning.  This works out great for me (especially if he wakes up at 7:30, so I can feed him, then get ready for work and make it in by 9).

before Mom and baby yoga feedingHowever, this morning he decided that he wanted to wake up at 4:00…  then 6:30….  and finally 7:15 (this was nice because we got to say good morning to dad and sister before they left for her 8am hockey practice).  Luckily, he went back to sleep after each time, so I ended up getting out of bed about 1 hour before we needed to leave the house.  I made my morning coffee, grabbed a Go-Gurt, and just as I was about to pump some bottles for class, I heard a faint whimper coming from upstairs.  “Hold on, little buddy” I quietly whispered, mostly to myself.  Then the whimpering stopped.  “Yay!”  I thought, “I can get a bottle!”  So, I plugged everything in and started.  Of course, once it got going… no, there wasn’t a whimper, but a full on “Mommy, I’m serious.  I want outta here!” cry.  Ugh.  So, I finished everything up and went to get the little bugger with one of the bottles I just made.

He ate the bottle rather quickly, I changed him, poured my coffee into a travel mug, and off we went to class.

We actually got to class at a pretty decent time.  The Prenatal Yoga class was just letting out as we were walking Mom and baby Yoga matt timedown the hall.  So, we headed into the classroom, set up our mat and got ready!  I quickly snapped this picture of us on my new yoga mat!  Don’t we look super excited for day 2 of Mom and Baby Yoga!?!?  And check out his shirt – Yoda Man.  It sounds a lot like Yoga Man, so I figured it would be pretty fitting for yoga class – plus, it kind of matches the yoga mat!  How fun!  As usual, he was totally cute and giggly before class.  I was sure that this week would be much different this time!!!

Well, it was, just not in the way that I had expected!  We started again with hip circles.  I think that I rotated, maybe, 2 times when he started getting  fussy.  “Ugh,” I thought, “This again?”  However, this time I knew what to do.  I walked out and got his nuk.  Probably no more than 10 seconds later and he was out (like a light as dad would say…).  So, I continued with the rest of class holding a sleeping baby and trying to keep his nuk from falling on the ground.  The mom next to me was actually doing the exact same thing, except her baby wasn’t sleeping the whole time.

This week was a more intense workout – though still not very hard in my opinion.  Unfortunately, I’ve never been to a “real” yoga class to compare to, but I would imagine that it is typically a lot harder than this.  Of course, it is understandable that we are taking it so slow.  Having a baby isn’t exactly easy or forgiving on your body.  Muscles and joints are weak and just trying to get back to normal, so it is good not to push it too hard.  Especially when the average woman in the class is about 8 weeks postpartum.

After hip circles, we started doing Dinosaur.  This was pretty much us walking around the room in a circle doing walking lunges holding our babies and saying, “Dino…. Saur!!!!”  Pretty cute (though, I am saying it to a sleeping baby, so I feel pretty silly).  Then, we picked up our little human dumbbells and gently swung them between our lMom and baby yoga Yoda manegs.  This is called Womb Wings and we have to say that as we are doing the motion.  Next, we did SuperBaby by lying on the ground, legs raised and bent, then placing the baby on our shins with their head facing downward over our knees, sort of a variation of the Boat Pose.  We then had to lift our arms next to our legs and parallel to the floor.  To make it harder, we could extend and pull in our legs while doing this, but with a sleepy baby that was starting to get upset, I only tried the move once.  After that, we did Cow/Cat Pose over our babies and then modified it so that we could bend down and kiss them. He was sort of asleep, sort of awake during this part (this picture was from the beginning of class, but this is the sweet face that I got to kiss.  Aww!!).

The rest of the class was spent doing baby yoga moves (well, singing, bouncing, and moving baby’s arms and legs).  We did Hop Along Yogi (sitting up bouncing baby on our legs and singing a song), and a seasons song (bouncing from leg to leg while singing a song). Then we laid the baby on our mat and did the Compass song (saying, “North, South, East, West, inside, outside, baby you’re the best!” while touching or rubbing the corresponding parts of their bodies – ok, well, not the inside, outside part; for that we moved their arms into their bodies, then away).  There was one more move during all of this that we did, but I can’t quite remember what it was called.  We had baby laying on the mat, then held baby’s legs and curled them into their stomach.  My baby was not interested in any of this at all as he was still sleeping!

At the end we have free time to relax or do whatever with baby to wind down.  I chose to lay on my back and place him face down on my stomach.  This made him wake up and he was not too happy about that.  So we sat up and I talked to him for a little bit while he sunk in for a quick snuggle.  We packed up and got ready to leave.  Guess After mom and baby yogawho was wide awake at this point?  Yup, you got it.  He was all smiles and giggles again.  I guess Mom and Baby Yoga is too relaxing for my little guy. We had a really good time this week – I learned my lesson from last time and made sure he was completely full, diaper changed, and we didn’t get there too early this time.  Unfortunately, I didn’t account for him waking up so many times and being super sleepy during class.  At least he was quiet this time, though!

Stay tuned to find out how next week’s Mom and Baby Yoga class turns out!!!  Check it out here!

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