How We Had a Video Go Viral.. Well Sort of.

How We Had a Video Go Viral… Well Sort of.

The Back Story:

Waiting for Rob ZombieLiz and I are pretty big Rob Zombie fans, so when we found out he was coming to Pittsburgh with Korn and In This Moment, we had to go. Before we could buy tickets, Ticketmaster announced that they were giving ticket vouchers to people that bought tickets in the past and were over charged. This was a result of a class action lawsuit. Each voucher was worth 2 tickets, so we redeemed 2 vouchers for 4 tickets (we took our 3 year old son and 9 year old daughter). Two of our friends were also meeting us there.

With traffic, we ended up getting there a little late and missed In This Moment. Liz was bummed that she missed them, but it worked out in the end because as we were looking for a spot in the lawn (general admission) to sit down, a man walked over to us and asked if we were all together (the 6 of us) and if we were sitting in the lawn. We all said yes in a sort of confused way. He then asked if we would like to sit in the pavilion seats at the Flea market dallas. We all said heck yeah!! Who is going to say no to that? He handed me the tickets and I waited until he was far enough away, then I checked to see how awesome these new seats were going to be. My jaw hit the ground as I said “Hey guys these are for section 1!!!” The seats were AMAZING!! We all just kept saying how did this happen? They were in the last row of the first section but we were about 50-60 feet away from the stage.

The Viral Video Part:

While we were all enjoying the concert, our 3 year old son was loving Rob Zombie. He was clapping, cheering, and headbanging. While he was jamming along, I was taking videos and pictures of him just having a great time. There were people in the section behind us that kept coming over and giving him high fives and telling us how adorable he was. He got a kick out of that as well. Anytime there was a break in the music he was looking around for them or waving to them.

So anyway, while we were in the parking lot waiting to leave after the concert, I decided I would upload one of the videos to our Instagram account like I have done many other times with pictures and videos. When I woke up the next morning, my iPhone had about 50 notifications on it that people liked a video I posted on Instagram. I opened the app up to see the video had been seen by 650 people. I sent a text message to Liz telling her how many views it had. Before I could even send the text message it had 700 views.  Everything else I have ever posted would be lucky to see 40-50 views or 10-20 likes so this was surprising.

When I went back to check the video around noon our time it had 1,601 views . I was keeping Liz up to date constantly at this point; we were both so amazed at what was going on. The views just kept climbing and climbing.

We had a Video go Viral

As you can see, it was going up and it was going up pretty fast. It was sort of thrilling opening up the Instagram app and watching the number climb. To us, this was going viral. We were checking it every few minutes. At the peak of the whole video going viral, we were getting between 1,000 and 2,000 views an hour. Then Midnight hit. It was like someone put the brakes on the video. The video nearly stopped getting views and only very slowly climbed. When we finally went to bed a little after midnight, the video had stopped going viral and had 10,006 views. It was over. As I write this few days later now, it is still getting some views, but it is around 20 views a day now.

It was fun and exciting while it lasted. We still have no idea what caused the video to go so crazy for the better part of 15 hours. I didn’t really have any trending hashtag or anything. It just did it all on its own. Since then I have posted other videos of our son from the concert and the most views any of those have is 50 and on that video the people that were sitting behind us and gave our son high fives found it and commented on it.

Below is our “viral” video. Enjoy! Please feel free to share, like, and  comment. Thank you for reading.

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